Are you still searching for the best reptile bedding ?


Something that is easy to clean, no dusty, preserving the humidity levels and of course safe for your animals...



Go-4-coco is a premium quality coconut husk substrate that is able to satisfy all your specific needs and even more !!!



- Carefully cleaned : almost dust and fibers free

- At least triple fresh water rinses to reduce tannins levels

- 2 sizes available : 8-16mm & 14-22mm to fit your animal / species needs

- Maintains humidity levels

- Controls odors

- 100% organic

- Sustainable

- Only coconut trees grown inlands so salts concentrations are extremely low (low E.C.)








Available by blocks of 4,5 kg (10 lbs) compressed premium cocochips and in 2 different coco chips sizes : 8-16mm (for hatchlings or small species) and 14-22mm (for (sub)-adults or large species).



Go-4-coco offers to your snakes, lizards, tortoises, frogs, insects... a great bedding with the assets to be able maintain humidity levels, to help to control odors, to be mold-resistant, to be dust free, to allow « spot cleanings»,... and to be safe for your animals.








Go-4-coco is the only premium coco chips substrate that you can break easily down even dry !


You can adjust the desired hygrometry in fonction of your tub/terrarium size, heating system, ventilation and reptile room humidity level (use it totally dry or by adding warm water in the block or even directly into the tub, terrarium or enclosure with a sprayer if you need an extra humidity level).


No need to be prepared in advance and ready to use in 5 minutes with the perfect needed humidity level.


It’s also important to remind you that all species need a specific humidity level, as examples, bearded dragons require around 30-40% humidity range, ball pythons around 55-60%, chameleons 70-80% and some frogs around 90%.

Go-4-coco VS other substrates



— For reptiles breeders and keepers with the highest standards —